Thursday, 12 March 2009


The euphoria of escape is over, reality dawning. Can I pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again,* or should I continue wallowing around bemoaning the hand that I have dealt myself? I've never really been a fan of self pity… too indulgent… but a total redesign seems a tad overwhelming from where I am sitting. I know, ever the optimist, that in time all this will pass, transforming into the amuse-gueule of the rest of my life. All it requires is patience.... and a sharp kick the up the derrière.

Enough. Previous paragraph alone sufficient motivation to MOVE ON. Mrs Trefusis, most wise and glamorous friend, you were right. I feel better already. Bring on the apéritif!

*As espoused in the Jerome Kern/Dorothy Fields Standard


Mrs Trefusis... said...

Loving it.
Can I recommend one of my virtual martinis? Vodka, for fortitude, obviously, with grated ginger for vigour, muddled (get me with the bar tender language)with pear (wild pear tree symbol of lasting life) and just a touch of Thyme for courage. I call it the Divortini because it's designed to Diverini you from the Divorcini....Just chilling the glass and sending it over

Motherhood The Final Frontier said...

I'm on marriage number two, but can remember well sitting in the silence of the aftermath of my first marriage and looking around with disbelief at the amount of work it was going to take to rebuild a sense of self - I hadn't quite taken in how much of that I'd invested in 'us' and now I had to reassign it to 'me' and I wasn't really sure who I was alone, and a lot of further change seemed imperative in order to mitigate the breakup I had forced in the first place.
But little by little it did fall into place, not without some spectacularly mad episodes (some fun, some not so) and then, strangely, some years later, I found myself part of an 'us' again which had most emphatically not been part of my plan..
Good luck and courage (and that cocktail, sounds delish)

Late Developer said...

Mrs Tefusis, the Divortini went down a treat - particularly after all those years of enforced abstinence.

MTFF, thankyou x

littlebrownbird said...

I've only just found you via a recommendation from Mrs Trefusis.

I wish I'd read this sooner. Better late than never.

I'm still experiencing the mad episodes to which MTFF refers but it's made life all the more interesting and I wouldn't change that for the world.

I hope you've found peace and happiness